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Kumeu Kilns is located at 242 Main Road, Kumeu, Auckland, right in the heart of Kumeu township. The business began in September 1993 when a gap in the market was identified for specialised, low temperature kiln drying of native and imported exotic timbers.

We are one of the biggest companies in New Zealand for this type of timber drying and also dry for companies such as Rosenfeld Kidson, ITI Timspec, White Cliffs, Rimu North Shore, J & C, Kauri Warehouse, South Pacific Timber, New Zealand Forests Ltd and many other smaller customers.

6 kilns were purpose built that hold approximately 45 cube each (7m x 7m x 6m) and are independently operated using dehumidifiers and Honeywell controllers. They are heated by using an Ygnis boiler that runs on waste oil.

Each of the low temperature kilns is capable of drying 25mm to 100mm thick Vitex (or other similar timbers such as Teak, Rosewood, Ceda, Salusalu, Kwila, etc.) from 40% moisture content to kiln dry 10% moisture content in 14-60 days (air-drying and kiln-drying). We also offer free timber storage up to 10,000 cube in our yard for regular customers.

We offer customers an online checking system to monitor their timber status 24/7. Every kiln charge has moisture content readings recorded to ensure the mean and standard deviation of the moisture content is within the required specifications of the end use of the product.

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